Google India adds Assamese and four other new languages to its training network for scribes

Google India has added Assamese to its network of scribes’ training programs

New Delhi: Tech giant Google on Tuesday expanded its News Initiative Training Network to include five new languages—Assamese, Punjabi, Gujarati, Odia and Malayalam.

Google announced that it has launched the Fact-Check Academy with DataLeads.

The newsroom added that about 100 additional trainers had been hired to assist journalists and journalists in building their ability to deal with climate misinformation. They also helped verify inaccurate data, and to correct false claims.

Google News Initiative India Training Network, which was established in 2018, has more than 39,000+ journalist, journalists educators and fact-checkers. It also hosts the DataLeads.

Network provides support for journalists and newsrooms as they learn digital skills to combat online misinformation.

“This four-year journey wouldn’t have been half as special had it not been for the passion, commitment and collaborative spirit of the network trainers – 239 journalists, fact-checkers and media educators from different newsrooms and colleges who came forward to lead this challenge and shared their learning with others in the ecosystem,” Google India said.

Tech giant also invited journalists to join its Fact-Check Academy as a Journalism Professor and Fact-Checkers. This will help media combat misinformation and learn verification techniques and skills from experts.

Select candidates will sharpen their skills through verification and training in the 3-day Train-the-Trainer boot camp. It is set for August. Google stated that the deadline for applying is July 30.