Golagart police start bicycle rally in Salpasar

Golagart police start bicycle rally in Salpasar

SARUPATHAR: Golaghat police officials held a bike rally on Wednesday in Salpasar, Golaghat district, celebrating the highest prestigious presidential color award. The Presidential Color Award is the highest award that the Indian army can receive. This is also known as “Nishan” and is an emblem worn on the left sleeve of all unit officer uniforms.

Assam police are also said to have become the country’s tenth state police to win the prestigious presidential color award. Federal Interior Minister Amit Shah presents the President’s Color Award to Assam Police at a ceremony in Guwahati on May 10.

Meanwhile, Smit Sharma, Golagart District Police Chief (SP), Trinayan Buyan, Dansili District Police Officer (SDPO), Jitsumoni Deca, Salpasar Police Department Officer (OC), Other Police Officers, Dansili Recycling Club, Students , Locals participated in a bicycle rally in Salpasar.

IPS Police Secretary Assam Bhaskar Jyoti Mahanta (DGP) spoke with Twitter and tweeted, “This is a true testament to Assam’s commitment to performance, professionalism, integrity, and above all, service to humanity.” ..

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