Gargaon College launches a series of programs at Sivasagar and Demow

Gargaon College launches a series of programs at Sivasagar and Demow

SIVASAGAR: Garhgaon College’s Ministry of Commerce, in collaboration with the NGO Society for Human Advancement & Promotion of Employment (SHAPE), has organized an industrial tour to the District Industries & Commerce Center (DICC) industrial area at Sivasagar and Demow. Wednesday.

The purpose of the program was to provide students with insights into the company’s internal work. Industry visits provide students with a highly relevant and hands-on perspective of the real world, interacting with industry professionals, and gaining access to new learning experiences, management lessons, and personalized skill improvements. By doing so, you can get in touch with the larger business world. Dr. Sabyasachi Mahanta, a prominent columnist and principal of Gargaon College, appreciated the initiative taken by Gargaon College faculty members to organize such innovative programs to improve student skills. .. The program was enhanced by the attendance of Devajit Deuri, General Manager of DICC, and Parag Goswami, SHAPE’s General Secretary, who explained the process of forming and operating the entity.

This program aims to help students combine theoretical knowledge of business operations with practical knowledge of actual functions. Students from Najira HS & MP School, Drevergen High School, Rakwatantiya High School, Sivasagar HS & MP School, and Sarathi Junior College in Sivasagar also participated in the event. This event was co-coordinated by Assistant Professor Mrinal Ghosh and Gautom Hazarika. The Assam Faculty of the University, in collaboration with the Garhgaon branch of Assam Xahitya Xabha, launched an add-on course in creative writing approved by the University of Dibrugarh on June 1st. At the start of the course, prominent scholars, poets, university principals, Dr Sabyasachi Mahanta encouraged students to take the course and commented that this course would help students develop their creative writing skills. rice field.

As coordinators of the program, Dean Assam, Garhgaon College, Nilakhi Chetia and Assistant Professor Devajani Bakalial have announced that the theoretical and practical aspects of this 30-hour course will be offered in mixed mode.

Statistical surveys were also successfully conducted by the University’s Faculty of Statistics on Tuesday in their adopted model village, Longkak Gohain Gaon, located near Sunpura. This program was co-sponsored by the PTA of the Faculty of Statistics. The team was led by Dr. Ranjana Gogoi, Director of Statistics, who surveyed nearly 82 households in the village and collected data on the benefits of various government schemes, self-help groups and microfinance. institution. From the survey, students were informed about the various socio-economic variables of the villagers. The team visited 910 Longkak Gohain Gaon Elementary Schools and distributed learning materials and light meal parcels to students.

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