Four model schools open in Tinsukia's tea plantations

Four model schools open in Tinsukia’s tea plantations

Tinsukia: Minister of Labor and Welfare of the Tea Tribe, Sanjoy Qishan, opened four newly built model schools in the tea plantations of the Tinsukia district on Wednesday.

The four-day opening of 96 model schools in 17 tea-growing districts of Assam began on Wednesday. Construction of these schools officially began in November 2020 under the SOPD Fund for Persons with Disabilities (2020-2021).

Minister Kishan has opened Bazaroni TE Model High School, Direal Model High School, Deo Hall TE Model High School, and Keahun Model High School. Academic sessions at these schools have already begun with students pulled from a nearby feeder school. Regarding the appointment of teachers, school inspector Tinsukia Bitupan Hazarika has informed that an excess of regular teachers from local schools have been temporarily appointed. Each school has about 200 students enrolled.

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