Flyer's Video vs SpiceJet As "Ransomware attack attempt" Delay the flight

Flyer’s Video vs SpiceJet As "Ransomware attack attempt" Delay the flight

SpiceJet pointed out a “ransomware attack attempt” as some of the flights were delayed and hundreds of passengers were stranded at various airports this morning.

The airline said the IT team “corrected the situation and the flight is now working properly”, but passengers tweeted the video and said they were stuck for nearly four hours.

The airline issued a statement after passengers blew up the SpiceJet on social media after the flight was delayed this morning. “A particular SpiceJet system faced an attempt at a ransomware attack last night, affecting and slowing the departure of the flight this morning. The IT team contained and fixed the situation, and the flight is now normal. It’s working, “SpiceJet tweeted.

Twitter user Mudit Shejwar, who previously reported a flight delay to Dharamsala, tweeted in response to an explanation that SpiceJet is still stuck and has been sitting on the plane for nearly four hours without food. bottom.

“Is it working properly ?? Are you stuck here from 3 hours and 45 minutes? No cancellations or actions, the airport is sitting on the plane, no breakfast or response!” He said on the plane. I wrote and shared the video I shot in.