Flood sites in Nagaon and Hojai districts remain severe

Flood sites in Nagaon and Hojai districts remain severe

Nagaon: The flood scene in Nagaon and Hojai districts is still tough. Overflowing water from Kapili, Haria, Nishari, and the mighty Brahmaputra has sunk in more than 270 villages under seven income circles in the Nagaon district until this report is submitted.

Moreover, during the new wave of floods, more than Rs 44,000 people under those income circles were badly affected, and many homes among those who were hit by those floods are still It is under the flood water.

According to a report issued this afternoon by district disaster management authority Nagaon, more than 109 income villages under the Kampur income circle, 87 income villages under the Raha income circle, and 44 income villages under the Nagaon income circle. Was submerged by the overflowing water from Kapili, the Haria and Nishari rivers, 15 income villages under the Din income circle, 7 villages under the Samagri income circle, 5 villages under the Rupahi income circle, Kaliaball The two villages below the income circle were submerged by the overflowing water from the powerful Bramaptra. ..

More than 12,912 prisoners are currently reportedly evacuated to nearly 50 relief camps set up by the district administration. Also, so far, flooding from the Colon River has submerged large areas of the town’s Nagaon Milanpur Baidatup, Nervali, Uttahaibergaan and Kutikasha regions.

Meanwhile, floods from the Kopiri River wiped out the electric towers of the Sirchar-Mass 400KV dual power circuit line near the village of Larmati in the Hojai district a few days ago. As a result, power transmission for the entire line was interrupted. For the past two days, sources from related departments have been added.

Meanwhile, on Monday, State Disaster Management Minister and State Revenue Minister Jogen Mahan arrived at Nagaon Kothiatoli Chariali. The Minister visited two relief camps to inspect the facility and other important requirements provided by the district administration and district disaster management authority Nagaon. Moreover, the minister also participated in a necessities distribution program among prisoners initiated by the Ram Krishna mission there. He was accompanied by Barhampur MLAJitu Goswami, an official of Nagaon District Administration and District Disaster Management Authority, sources added.