Assam Floods: 11 Die In Last 24 Hours, Over 4.5 Million Affected

Flood conditions in Assam remain severe, affecting more than 55 Laks

The flood situation in Assam continues to be severe as the water levels of the Brahmaputra and Barak rivers rise, flooding fresh areas of the state and affecting more than 550,000 rupees in 32 districts. Officials said Wednesday.

It is said that 89 people have died in the two floods since mid-May.

Prime Minister Himanta Biswa Salma said he had visited Nagaon by train to check the situation in the flood-stricken area of ​​the district, adding that he would visit several relief camps there.

Nagaon was heavily affected by the current flood waves, with more than 4,57,381 people affected by the Flood and 15,188 prisoners evacuated to 147 rescue camps.

“We embarked on a train journey from Guwahati to the flood-affected areas of Chapalmuk and Kanpur. This journey gave us a closer look at the flood-torn areas along the railroad tracks. It helps us make informed decisions and intervene accordingly, “Salma said on Twitter.

He said the Kopili floods have flooded large areas of the Nagaon area and that necessary measures will be taken to prevent the recurrence of such disasters in the future.