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Flood conditions are worsening in West Karbi Anglong

DONGKAMUKAM: The flood situation in WestKarbiAnglong is getting worse. The water level has been rising steadily since the last 24 hours. But on Friday evening, the levels remained the same.

“I’ve never seen water rise to this level in my life,” said Michelle Marak, 59-year-old government village head of Sat Gaon. The 72-year-old Hemarifra in the Satgaon market area reiterated the same view.

The main market area of ​​Sat Gaon has been flooded for the first time, and the Assam Grammin Bikash Bank (AGVB), Sat Gaon branch, and the arterial road opposite PWDIB, which were built on the Sat Gaon Dong Kamakham Road, are also flooded.

Affected people evacuated to the embankments of Taradubi and Namtaradubi, while others evacuated to Garo Cultural Hall Satogaon, Satogaon ME School, and Satogaon Assam High School.

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