Flooded Assam Cancer Hospital Forced To Give Chemotherapy On Roads

Flood Assam Cancer Hospital forced to give chemotherapy on the road

The flooded Assam flooded cancer hospital is publicly appealing for money and necessities after being flooded by constant rain. The 150-bed Kacha Cancer Hospital and Research Center in Sirchar provides chemotherapy on off-site roads as some hospital buildings are flooded and the roads leading to them can only be accessed by boats. I’m even forced to do that.

Hospital staff and applicants are urging the government to provide motorboats and essentials such as food, fresh drinking water, diesel, life jackets, and clothing to keep the hospital functioning. In the footage from the scene, you can see the hospital ambulance walking in the water as much as possible, and in places where the water level is high, a temporary squid made of tire tubes and wooden plywood is used. ..

Appropriate paddles are also used to ferry staff and patients across flooded roads.

Floods are devastating, according to hospital doctors, and even government and the general public are involved in relief efforts.

“We have patients, so we can’t stop treatment. We’re afraid to cross flooded roads with temporary rafts, so we try to do more quickly in the dry areas of the entire hospital. Blood will be drawn from here for outpatient treatment. Those who need longer procedures should be sent to the hospital, “he added, with care being taken to ensure that the process is completely safe. ..

“Chemotherapy is done in-hospital and is a three-hour procedure. Only some preparations, such as injections, are done outside,” hospital founder Padmashri Award-winning Dr. Ravikannan told Bibarud. Told.