Financial fraud suspected of waste management by Tinsukia City Hall

Financial fraud suspected of waste management by Tinsukia City Hall

Tinsukia: The Tinsukia City Hall (TMB) is suspected of being a major financial fraud regarding waste disposal, clean environment, health and hygiene.

Following allegations of financial irregularities and uncertainties in the solid waste management project being carried out by the TMB and its implementation NGO-Care North East Foundation (CNEF), an investigative commission composed of the Tinskia district administration has been established by MoU. While pointing out a serious breach of some provisions, CNEF was in stormy weather at a press conference in Tinskia on Wednesday as media officials couldn’t set financial records other than handing money to TMB. Before I encountered it, I tried to clarify some claims.

The main controversial issue was that CNEF was processing rupees from its NGO account without opening a joint account as required by the MoU since 2019. November 2021 in the NE zone!

A research committee led by Tinsukia’s district development committee, Nayan Jyoti Bhagawati, said in its report that the main purpose for which the MoU was signed between the TMB and CNEF was compromised and fresh, so the MoU’s No. 1 Suggested that MoU should be terminated in accordance with Section 2.5. The process of outsourcing solid waste management work has begun, and it has been proposed to form an expert panel to investigate some cases of financial irregularities.

“CNEF hasn’t handed over accounts for collections from other sources, such as royalties and other revenue receipts. TMB hasn’t put much effort into opening joint accounts,” the report said. .. He also mentioned that there was no review meeting to assess the performance of NGOs between 31 December 2019 and 21 June 2021. Despite the huge monthly collections, sapphi workers engaged in CNEF for door-to-door sales were not properly paid, even threatened with dismissal, and some were dismissed.

At a press conference on Wednesday, CNEF director Dr. Sanjay Gupta predicted that his NGO would be a clean and dedicated organization to reveal some allegations about financial misappropriation, while TMB Dig into the expiration of. After facing a series of questions, Dr. Gupta agreed to provide records “later” and told media officials that his NGO-CNEF social registration expired almost two years ago and applied for renewal. Told. It was also said that it was inappropriate to hold a press conference at this point, but despite the thorough investigation of both TMB and CNEF statements and records by the Investigation Commission, the findings Said he didn’t know. Media officials have almost abandoned the press conference.