Felicitation programme of Rifle women selected for Assam Rifles organized in Lokra

Lokra, Assam Rifles Felicitation Programme for Rifle Women

JAMUGURIHAT – Lokra Battalion, under the Headquarter 21 Section Assam Rifles’ aegis and Headquarter Inspector General Assam Rifles East (East), organized Saturday’s felicitation program for Rifle women who were selected to join Assam Rifles. According to a press release. A programme of interactive activities was held for the pre-recruitment candidates at Lokra garrison. Aruna Chetri from Lokra is a local riflewomen who has been trained under the battalion. She is also the daughter of late rifleman Kamal Kumar Chetri (3 Assam Rifle) and was selected for Assam Rifles. The trainees and locals were very grateful for Assam Rifles’ gesture in motivating and training the Lokra youth.

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