Federal Railroad Minister Ashwini Vaishnaw urged the closure of the old Dibrugarh railway station

Federal Railroad Minister Ashwini Vaishnaw urged the closure of the old Dibrugarh railway station

DIBRUGARH: Dibrugarh MLA Prasanta Phukan has requested Union Railway Minister Ashwini Vaishnaw to completely close the old Dibrugarh Town railway station and divert all trains to the new Dibrugarh railway station in Banipur, on the outskirts of the town.

In a letter to the Minister of Railways Ashwini Weishnau on June 12, Dibrugarh MLA said, “Railways are arguably the lifeline of development in every region, but the existing tracks at Dibrugarhtown Railway Station. Is one. One of the main obstacles to the development of the town of Dibrugarh. The railroad divided Dibrugarh into two parts, the south and the north. Apart from causing serious traffic congestion in the town, the railroad Railroads. KC has educational institutions such as Sampoorna Kendra Vidyalaya, St Mary’s School, Little Flower School, MDKG Girls’ College, DHSK Commerce College, DHSK College, Dibrugarh Catholic Church, SBI Gabharupather Branch. Gogoi Road Railroad tracks limit the width of KC Gogoi Road to only 5 meters, which is a busy road causing constant traffic congestion. So, in light of the above, consider closing Dibrugarhtown Station. And divert all trains to the new Dibrugarh station in Banipur to improve the convenience of the people. ”

Prasanta Phukan told Sentinel, “If Dibrugarh station is closed, the big problem in Dibrugarh town will be solved. There is only one train running from the old Dibrugarh station. I closed to the Federal Railway Minister. I wrote a letter. A train station. ”

“If Dibulgartown Station is closed, the gates of the Shantipara Railway will not be needed, which will save us a lot of money in the railway sector,” Phukan added.

Built in 1882, Dibulgaltown Station is the oldest station in northeastern India. Railroad tracks run through the town, causing congestion on the roads along the railroad tracks, causing serious inconvenience to commuters, students, patients and the general public.

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