Over 500 families living on the Assam railroad tracks to survive the flood

Farmers use national roads to dry their crops as floods devastate Assam

The four-lane national highway 2km between Guwahati and northern Assam has been closed due to farmers who have been affected by the recent state floods and have set up temporary shelters on the road.

Submerged houses and paddy fields forced some farmers to set up camps on the roads to escape the floods and dry the crops from the land.

“I had 6.5 biga farmland, but the floods washed away the rest, so I could only harvest half the biga. My house is also flooded, but I’m trying to preserve whatever remains. So far, he has lost 1.30 rupees. A 45-year-old farmer from Poraguri in Morigaon, Assam, told Bibarud.

Recent floods have affected more than 82,000 hectares of farmland. In the Morigaan area alone, more than 13,000 hectares of farmland remain underwater.

“We grow rice on 12 to 13 biga, but we could only recover grain from 3 biga. We are very poor farmers and we have a huge loan to cultivate the land. How do you repay the loan if the crop is destroyed? ”Loss another farmer, Charmilla Deca.

Farmers are trying to get the most out of their national roads to dry their harvests, as the floods have severely damaged their profits.