Farmers' training-cum-awareness programme on Sali paddy held in Nagaon

Farmers’ training-cum-awareness programme on Sali paddy held in Nagaon

NAGAON: District Agriculture Department under Assam Project on Agri-business and Rural Transmission, organized a two-day long farmers’ awareness-cum-training programme on systematic as well as scientific farming of sali paddy among progressive farmers in the district at the office campus of District Agriculture Officer from Monday and the programme ceremonially concluded on Tuesday.

The programme was inaugurated by Tarun Hazarika, District Agriculture Officer. The training program was attended by more than 70 farmers from 13 districts. Tarun Hazarika, the district agricultural officer, stressed the importance of using machinaries to sow seeds, harvest and process the crops. He stated that by using all these machinaries and tools farmers could reduce their work load and increase yields.

Bipin Kumar, a scientist from International Paddy Research Centre was present as crop adviser to Assam Project of Agribusiness and Rural Transmission. Dr Arunima Devi Chaudhary and Subdivisional Agriculture officers Ranjan K Deka, Premeswar Nath, were also present at the event.

During the training-cum-awareness programme, all the resources persons digitally screened how Sali paddy could be cultivated with applying all systematic as well as scientific ways during the season and also highlighted how farmers of the district could increase the quantity by lessening their work load.

The officials from the concerned department also made an appeal to flood-stricken farmers to insure Sali paddy crops, with a minimum premium Rs 100 per hectare, on or before July 31.

Guwahati will host the APART farmers conclave on June 8, at 8 p.m.