Famous scholar Bhadreswar Nath dies in Sipajhar

Famous scholar Bhadreswar Nath dies in Sipajhar

MANGALDAI: The Sipajhar area of ​​the Darrang district on Sunday fell into darkness and sadness over the death of prominent scholar, literary and social activist Bhadreswar Nath.

Known as one of Sipajhar’s architects, Bhadreswar Nath came back to life early on Sunday at his residence in Pacchim Chuba, Sipajhar. He was 92 years old. He retired from his position as principal of the Pacchim Rangamati HS School near Mangaldai. A man with a strong personality and devoted selfless service to society, Nath successfully took on the responsibility of being the president of the governing bodies of the University of Sipajar and the University of Sipajar Bed. He was also appointed Secretary-General and President of Sipajhar Sahitya Sabha. His sincere and devoted service as Chief Adviser to the reception committee of the 68th Annual Meeting of Axam Xahitya Xabha in 2005 at Sipajhar also played an important role in the successful organization of the Annual Meeting. ..

Numerous mourners and followers used his body to form a procession throughout the region. He left his wife, two sons, Dr. Suresh Chandra Nath, a professor at the University of Cotton, and Debajit Nath, a Ward Commissioner for the newly established Sipajhar Municipality Board.

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