"Family worried about my safety": Judge in Varanasi Mosque

"Family worried about my safety": Judge in Varanasi Mosque

A judge in the Varanasi court, who allowed filming inside the Gambapi Mosque earlier this afternoon, said in his judgment that his family “turned ordinary civil into an extraordinary problem” and thus strengthened his safety. He said he was worried.

Ravi Kumar Diwakar, a senior civil judge in the lower courts of Varanasi, wrote in his decision: Home, my wife was worried about my safety. There were some media reports that I visited a research site, but my mother was worried about my safety and told me not to do it.

The court stated in its ruling that video recordings could be taken anywhere within the Gyanvapi Mosque at the request of the petitioner.

In April, a court ordered an inspection following a petition by five Hindu women seeking a year-long access to a Hindu shrine behind the west wall of the Gambapimosque complex in Varanasi.

This site is currently open for annual prayers. The women there regularly and asked for permission to pray to other “visible and invisible gods in the complex of the old temple.”