Fake Ph.D: Assam higher education directorate to examine credentials of 70 college teachers

Fake Ph.D.: Assam Higher Education Directorate examines credentials of 70 college professors

Guwahati:  As many as 70 persons working as tutors, principals, teachers and librarians at different educational institutes have been summoned by Assam higher education directorate for allegedly holding fake Ph.D. degrees.

They have been asked by the Assam higher education department to present themselves before a panel of judges on Tuesday (19 July 19), to validate their credentials.

The credentials of 70 people will be checked by Prof Alak Kumar Buragohain, a noted academician who was also the former vice-chancellor at Dibrugarh University.  

Dharmakanta Mili is the director of higher Education. She said that individuals asked by the committee were working at various government-aided or provincialized colleges. They are paid fixed wages. TOI reported.

State government-established district committees have recommended that their regular positions be upgraded.

“Most of those whom we have called for document verification are working as tutors. They have masters degrees but if their PhDs are found to be genuine, those teachers, working on fixed pay, will clear the hurdles to get the posts of assistant professors,” TOI quoted Mili as saying.  

If they are promoted to assistant professors it will lead to a significant increase in their salaries.

“These days there are lots of allegations of fake PhDs. To ensure that nobody can get a job in a government setting, we asked them to present before the screening committee. If we find anyone with fake PhDs, the government will take a decision on what action should be taken,” he added.

According to education officials, the majority of these candidates have received their PhDs from both private and state-funded universities.