Arrested Fact-Checker Mohammed Zubair

Fact checker Mohammed Zubair tweeted in police detention for 4 days in 2018

A Delhi court today sent journalist Mohammed Zubair to police detention for another four days in a 2018 tweet allegedly hurt religious sentiment. Mr Zveil’s lawyer claimed he was targeted by Muslims and journalists, but police said police needed to further cross-examine him for other such tweets.

Zubair’s legal team said tomorrow that he would challenge the order of a metropolitan security judge in the Sessions Court.

Zubair, co-founder of the fact-checking website Alt News, was arrested yesterday and sent to police remand on the 1st. Police today asked for five more days.

At a hearing, Zveil’s lawyer said the case was “ridiculous” because his March 2018 tweet was just an image from a 1983 movie cleared by the censorship committee. .. “Many people are tweeting the same thing. The only difference between these handles and me is my faith, my name, and my profession,” she said.

The image of his tweet is from Frisikesh Mukelzi’s “Kiss Se na Kena”. There is a sign that says “Hanuman Hotel” in Hindi, but the paint mark indicates that it was formerly called “Honeymoon Hotel”. Zubair wrote the screenshot “Before 2014: Honeymoon Hotel, After 2014: Hanuman Hotel”, clearly digging into the BJP in power in 2014.