Excellent student who was active in Sirchar

Excellent student who was active in Sirchar

Apart from this, Bishwadeep Nath of Silchar Holy Cross School, the only student from Barak Valley, ranked 10th in the state, was also celebrated on this day.

On this day, 74 excellent students were awarded, and three schools in Silchar were awarded with a 100% pass rate. The three schools are Silchar Holy Cross School, Daffodils School and Saraswati Vidyaniketan.

In doing so, Dipayan emphasized the past glory of Sirchar’s public schools.

Citing the example of a talented student in the Cachar district who has secured a position on the HSLC exam in the past, Dipayan states that Jagadish Majumder was the best in the state in the 1966 secondary exam and later became the principal of GC College. I did. In 1982, another talented student at Shyamacharan Vidyapeeth, Biswajit Dutta, took 10th place on the HSLC exam.

“Siddart Gupta and Raffle Choudhry were also on the Adarkhand Higher Secondary Merit List in 1987 and 1988, respectively. Kacha High School’s Pritam Batacharya became the best in the state.” Dipayan added. Dipayan also elaborated on the plans and education policies taken by the government to regain the glory of public schools. Citing a famous quote from Swami Vivekananda, Dipayan said, “Everyone needs to leave a mark in life.”

“This time, the students have made a mark in their lives with this success in the secondary exam. Many have achieved this feat by fighting poverty without compromise. The result is It’s the friendship and inspiration of the students’ parents and the school teachers, “said Dipayan.