"Jukeganahi": Gujarat MLA Jignesh Mevani's "Pushpa" moves after bail

"Exceeded the limit": From High Court to Assam Inferior Court over Police Criticism

The Gauhati High Court said on Monday the observations made by the Barpeta Court on an order granting bail to Gujarat MLA Jignesh Mevani, saying it “exceeded the limits” of female police officers and “depressed” the police and the Assam government.

However, Judges Devasis Barua and Judge Aparesh Chakraborti, who heard a petition to challenge the observations of the Barpeta district submitted by the Assam state government, are Dalit leaders and parliaments.

The Barpeta Court raised state police for submitting a “fake FIR” to Mr. Mevani and told Assam police that “preventing the registration of fake FIRs like this one and causing police personnel to be fired, killed or injured. Requested the High Court to consider “preventing”. It was accused of becoming a daily phenomenon in the state. “

The observations are beyond the jurisdiction of the lower courts, Judge Barua said.

As the court was closed on Monday due to a holiday, Devajit Saikia advocates obtained special permission to challenge the district court’s order.

This issue will be heard again on May 27th.