Ethnic Culture Convergence: Fat Biff Celebration Begins

Ethnic Culture Convergence: Fat Biff Celebration Begins

LAKHIMPUR: The unique convergence of ethnic culture in the Dhakuakhana subdivision of Phat Bihu, Lakhimpur district, spreading the message of harmony and solidarity kicked off on Friday in an environment of enthusiasm and festivities.

A symbol of the cultural identity and self-esteem of the people of Dakuakana, the festival was celebrated at the Fat Biff Permanent Venue (Fat Bif Bacoli) in Moogle Chapoli on the banks of the Charikoria River. This year too, the festival was held with a three-day program until May 15.

In particular, the folk culture of the various ethnic communities of the state is featured in the Fat Biff program, a historic festival that has been celebrated since the Ahom dynasty administration of Assam. On Friday, the festival began with the deployment of the Fat Biff flag by President Basanta Saikia of the Fat Bif Summit. Pranjal Gohain, President of the Celebration Committee, ran the Sumrita Tarpan event by offering flowers to the martyrs. After that, the Miho Cultural Organization, which began to participate in the festival, received a warm welcome and was guided to the festival venue from the main gate.

Famous citizen Jagadish Gogoi has started the open stage. Then, a competition event was held at Takabif, which was launched by vocal artist Carpanase Napotibalua. After that, another competition about fusari was held by teenagers. It was founded by Indian Air Force engineer Dural Das.

Meanwhile, the orchid Kapaufur and other precious plant saplings, the Gamosa and Fusori competition by the elderly, ethnic groups and communities, and the release of Fat Biff’s souvenir Biff One will be held on Saturday as part of the second one. Program of the day.

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