Erosion poses a serious threat to the villages of Gerimari and Chelan

Erosion poses a serious threat to the villages of Gerimari and Chelan

MANGALDAI: Flood conditions have improved, but erosion has turned out to be a serious threat in some areas of the Dalan area. Erosion poses a serious threat to the No. 1 Jerimari and Mowamari Chelan villages here under Mowamari Gaon Panchayat. Due to the flood rage, four families have already lost their homes in the village of Gerimari. Erosion already poses a threat to many families who have lived long along the banks of the river, as well as public institutions such as educational and religious institutions that stretch over a kilometer. Locals demanded urgent safeguards and necessary rehabilitation packages for the victim’s family from the competent authorities before the new flood wave hit again. Meanwhile, the villagers expressed their satisfaction that the Circle Officer of the Mangaldai Revenue Circle Nayanjyoti Pathak visited the disaster area and gave the villagers a guarantee.

Meanwhile, Inspector Mukut Kakati, the head of the Mangardai Police Department, has taken the initiative to repair the violation of the Boupenhazarika Road connecting Mangardai and Shelan Village with the active cooperation of VDP volunteers. I did. Engaged tractors and excavators. He also conducted a plantation program along the roadside.

On Tuesday, he planted protected saplings in the area to prevent future erosion, accompanied by VDP’s deputy adviser, Mukto Saikia, Circle Organizer Kushal Medi, and VDP’s Mangardai Tana Commission Chairman. rice field.

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