Entrepreneurship Workshop in Biswanert

Entrepreneurship Workshop in Biswanert

BISWANATH CHARIALI: The Faculty of Economics, in collaboration with the Biswanath College Institutional Innovation Council, held a workshop on entrepreneurship development on Saturday.

At the start of the workshop, Dr. CM Sharma, Principal of Biswanas University, emphasized the importance of self-employment and entrepreneurship development in the current situation. The event was attended by BBhagawati, a well-known entrepreneur in the region, as a resource person.

Starting with the concept of entrepreneurship, Bagawati elaborated on the various qualities needed to become an entrepreneur. He also shared his success story as an entrepreneur with the audience. He described different methods of tightening fish and various aspects of fish tightening, such as revenue generation, costs, and profit calculations. He also participated in interactive sessions with teachers and students to answer their questions.

The program is fixed by Karita Ashomi, an assistant professor of economics, and is a student of Dr. Karabi Gogoi, HoD, Economics, Deepjyoti Nath, IIC President, Dr. Navanita Sharma, Manasijoti Das, Pragati Kanu, and Faculty of Economics. Attended. Other faculties of the university.

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