"Enough Bhaashanbaazi But ...": Prime Minister KCR after the Prime Minister's attack

"Enough Bhaashanbaazi But …": Prime Minister KCR after the Prime Minister’s attack

Prime Minister K Chandrashekarlao of Terrangana has “changes at the national level” within a few months after the latest meeting of a series of meetings with opposition leaders focused on the 2024 general election. , Said he made fun of “sensational news.”

Today, Mr. Lao (KCR) flew to Bangalore for a meeting between former Prime Minister HDDeve Gowda and his son HD Kumaraswamy, while Prime Minister Narendra Modi was visiting Hyderabad, the capital of Telangana.

When Prime Minister Modi targeted the “parivarwaad” of his home lawn in Hyderabad, KCR said: GDP is declining and inflation is rising … farmers, Dalits and tribes are unhappy. “

KCR has met with opposition leaders across the country in an effort to strengthen the United Front against the BJP in 2024.

“I would like to say I met Deve Gauda and HD Kumaraswamy, but we talked about everything. There is change at the national level and no one can stop it. India will change … India will change We have to make every effort to change the state of the country. “

“You’ll get sensational news in a couple of months,” he added.

Earlier today, Prime Minister Modi said the dispute over another state wasn’t about swiping KCR and his Telangana Rashtra to control as much as possible with just one family.

“Parivarwaadi’s parties only think about their development. These parties don’t care about the poor. Their politics focus on how single-family homes maintain power and plunder as much as possible. They are not interested. People’s growth, “he said to the party members.

Instead of appointing KCR, known for its strong beliefs and rituals, the Prime Minister said, “People in Telangana must be wary of those whose superstitious beliefs interfere with the administration.”

KCR did not respond directly to the provocation, but his party spokesman, Krishank Mann, told Bibarud: ?? Even if they do not believe in Paris Barward, they should expel Rajnath Singh and his son. Why doesn’t he talk about Telangana? “

KCR left for Bangalore just hours before Prime Minister Modi arrived in Hyderabad and avoided him for the first time in four months. In February, when Prime Minister Modi visited the state to launch a giant statue of St. Ramanujacharya, the statue of equality, KCR did not accept him because of his health.

“We are celebrating 75 years of independence Amruth Mahosaba, but we are suffering from power, drinking water and irrigation water. I don’t know who will be in power, but India is brilliant. We can say that there is a future, “says KCR. Mocking the Prime Minister’s theme in Hindi.