Elderly people die in Theok Bangaligaon in Charaideo district

Elderly people die in Theok Bangaligaon in Charaideo district

SIVASAGAR: A sensation spread after a brutal murder in Theokbangaligaon, where an elderly person was killed by his daughter and son-in-law in the town of Sonari in the Charaideo district.

According to sources, Munur Ali, 65, a resident of Theok Bangari Gaon near the town of Sonari, who lives alone, has long been physically and physically by his daughter Lekmin Begum and his son-in-law Altaf Ali. He was mentally tortured.

On May 5, the old man complained to his daughter and son-in-law at the Sonarisada police station, and then on Friday the daughter and son-in-law threatened to kill him if he did not withdraw. Complaints.

Suspected of not opening the door for a long time on Saturday, a neighbor entered Munur Ali’s house and found him dead with blood spreading around his body. Upon being notified, a team of police officers from the Sonari Sadder Police Station rushed to the scene, recovered the body, and sent it to Joysaga’s Shiva Saga Municipal Hospital after death.

Police confirmed that the deceased daughter and son-in-law were mysteriously missing early this morning, suspecting they were involved in the alleged murder. The incident created a sensation in the area, and a conscious community demanded that police arrest the perpetrators and punish them accordingly.

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