In Eknath Shinde

Eknath Shinde’s new Twitter photo claims Bal Thackeray’s legacy

Enato Sinde, who swore to the Chief Minister of Maharashtra yesterday after a nine-day rebellion against Shiv Sena’s Uddhav Thackeray leadership, subtly positions himself as the political heir to Shiv Sena’s founder Bal Thackeray. I sent a message.

Shortly after the swearing ceremony, Cinde changed the profile picture of the Twitter handle to the profile picture of Barasa Heb Suckerley, the fiery Hindutva icon and Mara Surprise mascot.

Shiv Sena’s rebels were able to take power in Maharashtra with the support of the BJP, but the fight to rule the party continues.

The Cinde faction declared in the Supreme Court that they were genuine Senna. His claim is that Mr. Thackeray’s Hindutva ideology in Bal Thackeray by forming a coalition between the Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) of Sharad Powerle and the parliament he called the “unnatural alliance.” It’s diluted.

To keep records, Cinde was backed by 39 (out of 55) Shiv Sena MLA, and Thackeray’s team was 15.