Eknath Shinde Reveals The

Eknath Shinde Reveals The "True Kalakar" Behind His New Government

Eknath Shinde, Chief Minister of Maharashtra on Monday said that the state Legislative Council elections in the month ended was the final trigger to him rebelling against Shiv Sena. He also hailed Devendra Fadnavis, BJP leader as “kalakar”, (artist) who helped form the new government.

He stated, “On the 20th June (results) of the legislative council elections (June 20), and the manner I was treated …., I had determined that there would be no turning back.” After winning the trust election vote.

In the Council Polls, the BJP won every seat it contested while Congress’s Chandrakant Handore lost.

The second Shiv Sena nominee in Rajya Sabha elections from Maharashtra had been defeated by BJP’s third candidate. Shinde apparently referred to his escape from Mumbai by claiming that there had been a security blockade (police checkpoint)

I know how to track someone and locate cell phone towers. “I also know how to evade the nakabandi,” added he.