Eknath Shinde-Led Rebel Sena MLAs Donate Rs 51 Lakh For Assam Flood Relief

Eknath Shinde: From driver to divider, Sena Man follows Hindutva High Road

When Eknath Shinde and fellow Shiv Sena rebels were still camping in the distant Guwahati (late about a week away), a poster appeared at Thane’s home near Mumbai, along with two other men. Showed him. One was Bar Tuckerai, the founder of Senna, whose son is not seated, but who has the ideology he claims, and the other was a man named Anand Dige.

These are the two main protagonists of the story of Eknath Shinde, a political thriller who has a running thread of Hindutva-Maratha ideology.

Eknath Shinde may now be considered the man who split Sena, but thirty years ago he had all the elements that make a party what it was or was. The Maratha community, the professional rickshaw driver, and the leader of the union that can bring people together, Cinde was a Shiv Sinick who could not only win the elections, but also command the region.

And his political rise in the 1990s was in line with Bal Thackeray’s acceptance of Hindutva to promote the entire state and gain a national image. But today, with a thrilling twist when Enato Cinde became prime minister, there is a background to the rise of parties and leaders.

It became a big player long after, but Shiv Sena, born in 1966, was strong in the Mumbai-Thane region by the 1970s, two years after Eknath Shinde was born in the Satara district. Tane.