"Early isn't the only thing ...": Aaditya Thackeray's request to Eknath Shinde

"Early isn’t the only thing …": Aaditya Thackeray’s request to Eknath Shinde

On Sunday, former Minister Aaditya Thackley called on the government of Enatsinde for the controversial Metro Carshed project in Mumbai.

“I humbly ask the new government to rethink that decision. Don’t hate our beloved Mumbai for us,” he tweeted, “Early Forest and MMRCL. Will miss the protest against the land. ” He had to attend the legislative seats of today for the speaker elections.

This was after Uddhav Thackley, the former Prime Minister and father of Aaditya Thackley, said he was “extremely upset” and urged the government not to overturn the plans for the metro’s car shed.

Aaditya Thackeray is a city forest that many call the Green Lungs of Mumbai. The protection of the Early Forest is not limited to protecting 2,700 trees, but by protecting Mumbai’s biodiversity. I said there is.

“Leopards and other small species are witnessed daily in and around the location of the car shed. We are proud to declare more than 800 acres as the forest around it,” he said. rice field.