Drugs confiscated in Karbi Anglong district destroyed

Drugs confiscated in Karbi Anglong district destroyed

HOWRAGHAT: On International Day against Substance Abuse and Illegal Trade, the District Drug Disposal Commission, authorized statutory body Karbi Anglong, and district police destroyed large numbers of seized drugs and other drug substances on Saturday. did.

The drug was fired at the Sports Bureau of the Indian Complex. Karbi Anglong police foreman, Pushpraj Singh, police deputy foreman, Nahid Karishma and other high-ranking police officers oversaw the procedure of destruction. According to the authorities, the value of the destroyed medicine is about 11 rupees.

The destroyed narcotic substance contained 9 kg of heroin, 1056.2 kg of cannabis, 2813 kg of opium, 96 cough syrups and 7,582 banned stimulant tablets. The drug has been confiscated in the Calbianron district in the last few months.

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