"Don't patronize us ambassadors": India's UN envoy on tweets over Ukraine

"Don’t patronize us ambassadors": India’s UN envoy on tweets over Ukraine

India’s UN Ambassador to the United Nations, TS Tirmulti, told the Dutch ambassador, “Don’t kindly patronize us,” when the Dutch envoy told India that India should not abandon at the UN, New Delhi said, “What? I know what to do. ” Dutch General Assembly.

On February 24, Russian troops launched a military operation in Ukraine. It was three days after Moscow recognized the Ukrainian isolated areas of Donetsk and Luhansk as independent organizations.

Since January this year, India has abstained from procedural votes and resolutions at the UN Security Council, General Assembly and Human Rights Council lamenting Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

“Ambassador, don’t patronize us. We know what to do,” in response to a tweet from the Dutch ambassador to Karel van Austerom in England and Northern Ireland. , Said Mr. Tirmulti.

In a tweet, the Dutch envoy told Mr. Tirmulti, “You should not have abstained in GA. Respect the Charter of the United Nations.”