Supreme Court Hears Husband

Do you keep the Sedition Act until the review?Supreme Court wants Center’s response tomorrow

The Supreme Court today urged the government to suspend the sedition law while the colonial law is being reviewed and to respond by tomorrow as to whether it can protect those charged under it. The day after the government said it had decided to reconsider it, the Supreme Court expressed concern about those already facing sedition.

“We will give you time to receive instructions from the government until tomorrow morning,” said Chief Justice of India NV Ramana. “Our concerns are pending and future cases, and the government will continue to review the law. How do you handle them? “

“To submit a response as to whether they can be suspended until the law is reviewed to protect the interests of those already booked under the Sedition Act and future incidents. Center, “the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court instructed.

Earlier, the court asked harsh questions about the government’s demand for more time to consider the law and about cases of misuse of the law.

“The state says they are revisiting, but we must not be unreasonable. We will have to decide how much time we have to give.” Said Judge Ramana.