Assam Chief Minister, Cabinet To Watch

"Do I need to close my hotel because of the flood?": Prime Minister of Assam

Assam Prime Minister Himanta Biswasalma said Friday that all “tourists” were welcomed in an attempt to downplay the camp of Maharashtra’s rebel Shiv Sena MLA.

Mr Salma also said that the survival of the Uddhav Thacke-led government has nothing to do with the politics of Maharashtra, which is at stake. ..

“Some people have come to Assam. They have booked a hotel. I am pleased with it. You will also come and it will help Assam’s economy. Through this, tourism in Assam will also be promoted. Has been, “he said after accompanying NDA presidential candidate Draupadi Murmu during the submission, her nomination here at the Capitol.

Asked about the ongoing political developments in Maharashtra, he said he could not comment on it because it is a large state.

“How can you comment on Maharashtra? It’s a big state. I’m happy that people are choosing Assam as their preferred destination,” he said.

The chief minister closed a hotel in the capital of Assam as a flood broke out in parts of the state in response to claims that the BJP-led government ignored flood relief efforts and was busy accepting MLA from Maharashtra. He said he couldn’t order.