Diva in the Dalan district celebrated by Mangardai

Diva in the Dalan district celebrated by Mangardai

MANGALDAI: To commemorate the issue date of the Government Notice on June 14, 1983, the creation of the Dalan district headquartered in Mangaldai and the newly created Udalgri opening it from the former Dalan district headquartered in Tezpur, Dalan. Declared the creation of the district. The district administration celebrated the first Daran district Diva on Tuesday with a detailed colorful program at the District Library Auditorium here.

Enthusiasm was witnessed among cross-social people, including district administration officials, to attend celebrations of music, dance, folk art, photo exhibitions, self-help group stalls, and significant contributions to celebrities. rice field. Various fields.

After the Treaty of Yandabo in 1826, the British East India Company created the Dalan district, headquartered in Mangaldai, in 1833. However, in 1835 Britain moved its headquarters to Tezpur, and this administrative arrangement continued as Mangaldai until June 30, 1983. From July 1, 1983, the subdivision of citizens was carried out in earnest. Following the instructions of Prime Minister Himanta Biswasalma, the Dalan District Administration celebrated the Dalan District Diva on June 14, the date of issue of the notice.

The all-day celebration began with a clean drive campaign with the active participation of citizens, students and officials. Deputy Chief Cabinet Secretary Pranab Kumar Salma celebrates the celebration by turning on the lamps in the traditional way, a mega souvenir edited by additional Deputy Chief Cabinet Secretaries Jonti Deca and DIPRO Swakiyal Deca. Released Muller. A short documentary on the history, heritage and cultural heritage of the Daran district was also screened at this event.

In his inaugural address, Deputy Chief Cabinet Secretary Pranab Kumar Salma recalled the district’s rich cultural heritage and paid tribute to 140 Krishak Swahid, who was martyred by a historic peasant who uprised in Potrugat in January. 28th, 1894.

“The Freedom Fighters of the District, namely Pandit Dineswar Salma, Ratneswar Salma, Tankeswar Salma, Pani Ram Dass, etc., deprive the people of the district from the highest sacrifices of Krishak Swahid in Potrugat and free movement of the people of the district. Under the leadership of Mahatma Gandhi, the district is widely known for its traditional community harmony and integrity, even during times of conflict and crisis. We are proud to serve people in a sincere and humble manner. ”Deputy Secretary Salma. He also mentioned the progress of the Garukhuti agricultural project, which is striking for young people in the unemployed state who have been educated to engage in agriculture in a scientific and modern way.