Dima Hasao Trinamool Congress complains about CM Himanta Biswa Sarma's statement

Dima Hasao Trinamool Congress complains about CM Himanta Biswa Sarma’s statement

The Dima Hasao Trinamor meeting was clearly criticized in the strongest words for expressing dissatisfaction with Prime Minister Himanta Biswa Salma’s statement.

The Prime Minister disputes NCHAC’s Chief Secretary’s (T) decision to lift stone rocks from the river by the NF Railroad in Dimahasao while holding virtual meetings between the NF Railroad and Deputy Chief Cabinet Secretaries in various districts. I told them not to.

The party said this kind of official statement by the state prime minister is a worrying sign for the bureaucracy and a message that it has the power to destroy the privileged power of the self-governing council. The press communiqué said

It further examines the notion that the ruling pope intends to dilute the provisions of the Sixth Schedule of the Indian Constitution but is now responsible for showing that autonomy is legitimately maintained and respected. is the Chief Officer of NCHAC .. ”

While considering sanctions by the Railroad Commission for the final location of the Sirchar-Sri Lanka alternative rail route via Chandra Naspool, the TMC Party also overlooked Dimahasao’s interests as district headquarters remained blocked by alternatives. The route that expressed disappointment at being disappointed In addition, existing railway lines may be abandoned.

In addition, the TMC Party also sought clarification from relevant authorities on “the motivation behind the case where the purpose is to export a small amount of mineral resources available in the Umlongso region.”