Rape Accused Attempts To Escape Police Custody In Assam, Shot Dead

Die after a battle with a classmate over 17 years old "Caste wristband"

Police said a 17-year-old student died in a battle with three classmates over one of the trios wearing wristbands, considered caste markers, and two teachers were suspended.

They said the case was registered, three boys were cross-examined, and the proceedings against them were subject to juvenile justice law.

A 17-year-old Class XII student at a public school near here allegedly asked a Class XI student why he was playing wristbands.

It led to a quarrel between the duo and two other students, who belonged to Class XI, intervened to protect their classmates, and continued the fight on the school grounds.

The victims belonged to the rearmost community. One of the students in Class XI was a Dalit, and two of his classmates were from different religions.