Dibrugarh village that lost a huge mass of land due to erosion

Dibrugarh village that lost a huge mass of land due to erosion

DIBRUGARH: People in the village of Dihing Than are having a dire time due to the erosion by the Buri Dihing River. The village of Dihing Than is located in Kalakhowa under the Moran Constituency in the Dibrugarh district. Over 200 homes were washed away by the river. Villagers live in fear and an uncertain future. Floods and erosion are curses for the villagers, as they face the same problems every year.

“Our village is shrinking due to constant erosion from the Briding River. We are having a sleepless night due to erosion. Currently, more than 200 homes have been washed away by the river.” The villagers said.

He said, “Moran MLA Chakradar Gogoy came to our village and promised us help, but to this day we have not done anything to solve our problem. Our children I’ve been facing the problem of erosion since time, but nothing has happened to this day. ”

On the other hand, some villagers are building their homes in safer places for fear of erosion. As the river shrinks due to erosion, people have been seen moving their useful things to another location.

“The erosion has washed a huge hectare of land into the river. We have urged the government to take immediate steps to rehabilitate us. It is not safe in this area due to erosion. Political leaders used us as a vote. They are not worried about solving our problems. During the election, political leaders came to us for a vote and eroded. We guarantee to solve the problem, but after the election, they don’t bother about our problem, “said 57-year-old Rupeswar Das.

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