Dibrugarh Police arrested woman for extorting money

Dibrugarh police arrest woman accused of extorting cash

DIBRUGARH: On Saturday, Baidullah Khan’s sister was arrested by the Dibrugarh police for allegedly trying to extort money from Dibrugarh women. Baidullah Khan’s sister, identified as Saira Beum, was taken into custody in relation to an alleged case where she allegedly demanded money from a woman. Meenu Begum, a woman identified by Baidullah Khan had taken money from Abdula Khan her father. Saira threatened Meenu Begum and her family with severe consequences if she couldn’t pay the loan back. Meenu Begum was left with no other options and sold one of her kidneys in order to pay the debt.

Meenu stated that her family approached Dibrugarh police in 2020 for assistance. The authorities did nothing. Shwetank, the Dibrugarh Superintendent for Police Mishra said that he had not received any FIR.

Saira Begum was arrested by the Dibrugarh Police on the basis of a new FIR, filed by Meenu Beum. This is in relation to Dibrugarh PS Case No. 418/22 under section 341/387/294/506/34 IPC. Meenu Begum accuses Baidulaah Khan of Samsullah Khan as well as Saira Begum, in her FIR.

Two heroin mugs were seized by the Dibrugarh police.

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