Dhakuakhana University of Teacher Education celebrates Rongali Bihu

Dhakuakhana University of Teacher Education celebrates Rongali Bihu

LAKHIMPUR: The celebration of Rongali Bihu by various Bihu committees, organizations and institutions continues in the Lakhimpur district in a note that mixes Bihu nam with traditional instruments such as dance style, dhol, pepa and gagana.

On Saturday, Dhakuakhana celebrated the festival on the university campus in a glamorous and glamorous manner by holding a colorful event entitled “Bohagi Rang”. Universities that not only meet the educational needs of people, but also take on social responsibilities and make significant contributions to various fields, held events while preserving the tradition of celebrating the festival in its original form. The event was started by Dulu Saikia, Principal of Paschim Dhakuakhana High School. She spoke about the evolution and traditions of the state’s Mihu culture.

With the participation of university trainers and trainees, Pradip Chandrabora, principal of the University of Teacher Education in Dakuakana, has begun a plantation drive in Kapoupur (also known as Rhynchostylis Letusa, Foxtail Run). Then, the traditional Miho cuisine prepared by the trainees was exhibited. After that, university trainers and trainees put on traditional costumes and united Mukoribif to show off. Former university trainees also enthusiastically participated in the event.

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