"Devendra Banhart showed a big heart, I thank him," Eknath Shinde says

"Devendra Banhart showed a big heart, I thank him," Eknath Shinde says

Rebel Prime Minister Shiv Sena and soon Maharashtra Prime Minister Enat Sinde was able to reach out to BJP’s Devendra Fadnabis today, saying, “He has a big heart. Was shown. ” He also emphasized that the rebellion was not about the posting of plums at the cabinet berth, but about the ideology and the Hindutva of Bal Thackeray, which the party under Woodab Skeley had probably deviated from.

“Mr. Fadnabis told me that he was backing Bar Tuckerai’s Shiv Sinix. He showed his big heart, no one would do this … someone with 120 MLA. .. No one will let go of the post of Panchayat or even the chief of a citizenship. This is the post of the prime minister. ” “I’m not going to betray the faith that Fadnabis put on me,” Cinde told the media. He also thanked Prime Minister Narendra Modi for trusting “Bal Thackeray’s Shiv Sinix”.

He again argued that rebels were pushing further with the ideas of Hindutva, the founder of Shiv Sena, and the teachings of the late Senna’s senior leader, Anand Dige.

Mr. Cinde has no desire for power or status, and the ideology of their members he claimed that the 50 MLA with him was stalled by some of the “other parties” of the Mahabicas Agadi government. He reiterated that he was only concerned about development.

He further claimed that the rebel MLA repeatedly demanded that Senna modify the course and return at the “natural ally” BJP, but was not asked.