Deputy Director Rakinpuru instructed microfinance company to suspend operations

Deputy Director Rakinpuru instructed microfinance company to suspend operations

LAKHIMPUR: The Lakhimpur district administration, which is taking strict measures against microfinance companies, has instructed Pranimika Nidhi Limited, which has a branch office in the BB Complex above Axis Bank, 14th District of North Lakhimpur, to shut down. Did.

In this regard, Sumit Sattawan, Deputy Chief Cabinet Secretary of Rakinpur, issued an order under 144 (2), CrPC 1973. As a result, the agency will work with the officers of the North Lakinpool Police Department to provide the facility in the presence of Circle Officer (A), North Lakinpool Revenue Circle and Executive Magistrate, and Lakinpool. No person or document may be moved from the facility without the permission of the Deputy Chief Cabinet Secretary.

In particular, Deputy Chief Cabinet Secretary Rakinpur received information that Planamica Nidy Limited was engaged in financial operations, such as the daily deposit system, without the necessary permission to conduct financial operations from the competent authorities. .. Lakhimpur MLA Manab Deka also filed a complaint with the agency.

In this regard, the order issued by the Deputy Chief Cabinet Secretary stated, “If the allegation turns out to be true and the agency continues the transaction or profession without proper permission, it will cause financial loss to the depositor. In the context, the Deputy Chief Cabinet Secretary further, along with documents relating to the body justifying that all necessary permits from the competent authorities have been received, June 27. He instructed the authorities to appear in front of him at 11:00 am on the day.

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