Delhi CM Albind Keziwar will visit Guwahati on May 29th

Delhi CM Albind Keziwar will visit Guwahati on May 29th

The Delhi CM will land in the state with the aim of strengthening the foundation of the party in the state, and members of 100,000 rupees will join the party.

While talking to the local media, Dr. Bhaben Choudhury, AAP’s Assam state coordinator, said the party’s state unit had proposed a date to visit Guwahati to leader Arvind Kejriwal on May 29.

“We have proposed a date to Prime Minister Delhi, but we haven’t received confirmations based on the weather yet. Keziwar attended a roadshow in Guwahati that needed a nice day and hopefully everything went well. He will join us on the May 29th Roadshow. “

Meanwhile, the party has established its foundation in the state by securing a ward in a recently signed election for the Guwahati Municipal Corporation (GMC). The party took second place in the 24th district and was able to take third place in the overall election with 4,40,000 votes after parliament.

However, the party is not limited to Guwahati and is expanding its footsteps in other parts of the state, with many people joining the party on a regular basis these days.

In addition, the AAP aims to replace Congress as the state’s main opposition, seeking to provide a viable alternative to the BJP.