Scientists Discover Deadly Pool At Bottom Of Ocean That Kills Anything That Swims Into It

Red Sea: Deadly pool kills everything that swims into it

Researchers from University of Miami discovered that there is a deadly pool in the Red Sea bottom that can kill anyone who swims into. Researchers discovered that the brine pool is located 1.7 kilometers below the surface. This was done using an underwater remotely controlled vehicle. The deadly pool was found by the scientists in the final five minutes of their ten-hour diving. 

Researchers explained that a seafloor depression that has a large amount of concentrated salt water is called a “Brine Pool”. It is more salty than the ocean. The researchers explained that the underwater pools can kill and stun marine animals. 

Speaking to Live Science, lead researcher Sam Purkis described the deadly pools as “among the most extreme environments on Earth” and said, “Any animal that strays into the brine is immediately stunned or killed.” 

Purkis further explained that the brine is used to catch fish, shrimps, and eels. He explained that these creatures lurk near the deadly pool to “feed on the unlucky” creatures that inadvertently swim into it. 

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