Deaddiction and rehabilitation center established in Sonitopur

Deaddiction and rehabilitation center established in Sonitopur

Tezpur: Prithiraj Rava of Tezpur MLA has opened a Sonitopur addiction rehabilitation center in Majgaon Karati, Tezpur, on the occasion of International Day for substance abuse and illegal trade.

A brief ceremony was held with Deputy Chief Cabinet Secretary and i / c DSWO Kabita Phangchoi, DIPRO Neena Baruah, prominent educator Ananda Boruah, and the resource person of this opportunity, Dr Pradip Kumar Sharma, a psychiatrist, staff of Kanakurata Municipal Hospital. Attended. And a member of DACRC.

In doing so, Tezpur urged relevant authorities to conduct an awareness drive between students and adolescents about the adverse effects of substance abuse and stop drug abuse. MLA also distributed prizes to the top two essay contests on the theme of “The Impact of Substance Abuse on Health and Society.” Karishmita Kataki (Tezpur Government Girls HS and MP School) and Nikita Bora (Tezpur Government Girls HS and MP School) won 1st and 2nd place respectively.

Dr. PK Sharma, a psychiatrist at Kanakratha Municipal Hospital, a resource person on this occasion, gave a detailed overview of patterns of drug use in the country, and all departments of society worked together to work together and abuse drugs. .. He also urged authorities to adopt awareness-raising programs on the adverse effects of substance abuse, especially among children and adolescents. And for those who are already dependent on substance use, he emphasized the need to take appropriate measures for their rehabilitation so that they can be returned to mainstream.

Ananda Borua, a prominent educator and former Vice-Principal of the University of Daran, talked about the role of parenting in the prevention of substance abuse and the overall development of children. DSWO i / cKabita Phangchoi also gave a lecture on this occasion. Project coordinators, DACRC, Marika Goswami, psychologists, Anna Purnata Clear, counselors, Banas Rika Rita and other center staff also attended this opportunity.

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