DC Nazreen Ahmed praises Dima Hasao's talented students

DC Nazreen Ahmed praises Dima Hasao’s talented students

Haflong: Vice-Chairman Dima Hasao, Nazleen Ahmed, brought glory to the district by praising outstanding students who recently passed the SEBA High School Dropout Certificate (HSLC) exam.

The district’s top 10 students and five state-leading students in each subject are additional Deputy Chief Cabinet Secretaries, Deputy Chief Cabinet Secretaries, District Information and Public Relations Officers, Teachers, Principals, and Parents. The program was held at the Deputy Chief Cabinet Secretary’s conference hall.

DC Nazreen Ahmed congratulates all the achievers who attended this opportunity, and their efforts and dedication that have been able to bring glory to Dima Hasao, especially when the district has experienced immense hardship and darkness since last month. Praised. Recent natural disasters.

She said, “We are very proud that our district was ranked second in Assam, which brought us all the happiness in recent incidents. To all teachers and parents. Congratulations from the bottom of my heart. ”

School inspector Gayatri Naiding also spoke on this occasion, congratulating all the students in attendance and adding that their achievements will undoubtedly inspire others in the future. Four of the five top students in each subject are from public schools, and one student, Barshri Hakmaosa, is from St. Xavier High School in the village of Diyungbra.

One parent praised the facilities provided to public school teachers and students and praised the improvement in public school infrastructure and academic environment this year, as did private schools in the area. Did.