Darlings Trailer: Alia Bhatt And Shefali Shah Are Hilariously Dark And Dangerous

Darlings Trailer – Alia and Shefali Shah Are Hilariously Dangerous And Dark

On Monday, the Darlings trailer was released. It is an excellent blend of dark humor and enough thrills to keep you hooked. It opens with Hamza Shaikh (played here by Vijay Varma), declaring that his decision to divorce Badrunissa, (played in the trailer) This begins an interesting, but dark journey. Badrunissa (played here by Shefali Shaikh) and her mother decide to file an accusation in order to track down Hamza. A second clip features Hamza abusing Hamza’s wife. Badrunissa makes a decision to give Hamza the exact same treatment he gives his wife. Badrunissa states, “Enough defense. I will take offense now.” She sticks to that mantra. Badrunissa hides her husband inside the house, and she decides with a lot of help from her mother to teach Hamza some lessons. These Darlings don’t have the best intentions.

Alia Bhatt posted the trailer to social media. She wrote “My first movie as a producer!” I am so excited, nervous and thrilled to share the trailer with all of you. Darlings trailer put now.”

Take a look at the trailer for Darlings

Alia Bhatt posted these amazing photos of her before the trailer’s launch and wrote, “It is Darlings Day.” The trailer is out now.