Daran police arrested three people for assault

Daran police arrested three people for assault

MANGALDAI: Darrang police arrested three defendants, Santi Ranjan Sarkar (40), Panjaj Sarkar (32), and Jyotish Sarkar (51), for physical attacks on duty APDCL workers. All arrested residents of the village of Mowamari under the Mangardai police station were later remanded to judicial detention, police sources said.

However, there are still many Gopal Sarkar (40) who are the masterminds of organized attacks. Sources here claimed he was at his home-in-law in Lokhra, Guwahati. The Mangaldai branch of All Assam Power Supply Workers’ Union has demanded an early arrest of Gopal Sarkar.

The previous case (No. 230/2022 u / s 353/324/34 IPC) was registered with the Mangaldai Police Department based on the FIR submitted by SDO, Mangaldai Electrical Subdivision, on Thursday night of the case.

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