Damaged roads, bridges, Culvert under repair: Chirang District Commissioner

Damaged roads, bridges, Culvert under repair: Chirang District Commissioner

KOKRAJHAR: Chirang District Commissioner Narendra Kumar Shah held a press conference on the current floods in the Chirang district. He reported that the district was unaffected by the first wave of floods, but a total of 111 villages were affected by the second wave.

The flood, which began on June 15, caused a serious flood on June 18, affecting a total of 20,231 people in the district. As a result, 15 relief camps had to be set up in the district’s Sidli, Bangtal and Bijni Revenue Circle areas. Currently, a total of eight villages in the district are affected by the flood, with three in the Bengal Revenue Circle and five in the Businessi Revenue Circle. Currently, 1,310 people have been evacuated in six relief camps in the district.

Deputy Chief Cabinet Secretary Narendra Kumar Shah said a total of 9,839 livestock were affected and six were washed away in the ongoing floods. People involved in the floods in some of the flood-affected villages in the northern part of the district were assisted by the district administration, SDRF, SSB, and district police. They rescued 514 people from the Shishubari and Madarpur areas. So far, the district administration has distributed 500.68 kintal rice, 101.26 kintal pulse, 30.55 kintal salt, 3055.48 liters of mustard oil, 335 kintal green feed, 2089 waterproof sheets and 540 mosquito nets.

As a result, flood-affected roads, bridges and culverts are being repaired by the district’s relevant departments under the leadership of the district administration.

The press conference was attended by additional Deputy Chief Cabinet Secretary Ajit Kumar Sarham and District Project Officer of the District Disaster Management Department Dhanjit Das.

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