CRPF celebrates Longari Biff in Dubri district

CRPF celebrates Longari Biff in Dubri district

Dhubri: 4.8 billion CRPF celebrated Rongali Bihu on Saturday at the playground of the Lakhiganj ME School under the auspices of the Lakhiganj Rongali Bihu Celebration Committee in the Dhubri district.

The CRCF team, led by 4.8 billion deputy commanders, Anil Kumar, joined local artists in various cultural programs in Longaribif and captivated the audience.

Enjoying local and invited artists singing and dancing with the audience, the celebration sent a clear and big message of the true cultural environment and Assam’s strong social unity. rice field. Participants in various cultural events were also awarded certificates and citations.

Talking to Sentinel, the 48 billion CRPF Deputy Commander expressed satisfaction with the state’s dominant peace over the years, and everyone was free to enjoy it.

“As a security guard and working in this part of India, I always enjoyed the cultural fabrics and felt their sweet taste, so I hope this will last forever,” said Anil Kumar. Said.

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