Critics praise Birke Bahudur Thapa's new book

Critics praise Birke Bahudur Thapa’s new book

DOOMDOOMA: Modern writers, especially those who write frequently in newspapers, lack serious research. This was observed by journalist Arup Barkataki, section editor of Dainik Janambhumi’s supplement “Prantor”, while launching the book “Bauddhik Sanghat AruJiwanar Bishad Ityadi” at Doomdooma Press Club on Sunday. He revealed that he was surprised that many writers who write frequently did not study much. He said it was reflected in their writings. He praised author Birke Bahudur Thapa for his hard work before devoting himself to writing and writing on various topics in newspapers and periodicals for over 30 years. He encourages economist Nobel laureates to come up with a theory for rebuilding society from devastation and to think positively so that we too can rebuild society despite all the difficulties. I quoted the recommended example. He added that the writer played a major role in this regard.

Meanwhile, Shivajit Dutta, columnist and English assistant professor at Doomdooma College, gave a speech as the chief speaker of the symposium on the topic “Dangers of Knowledgeable People, Present Generations and Our Future” held before the inauguration of the book, in the context of globalization. Explained a rally about the negative effects of capitalism on society in. He said that today’s society is consumer-centric and that profit motives are at the top of the minds of the new generation. “As teachers, we are doing career counseling today, rather than telling our students to engage in the pursuit of truth,” he lamented. “So it is our duty to look at these aspects and work together for the advancement of our society,” he concludes.

The meeting was attended by high-ranking galaxies such as journalist Arjun Baruah, TZXX President Atul Sarmah, Tinsukia Zila Xahitya Xebi Mancha President, prominent poet Sarifa Khatan Chaudhury, and former Assam Science Writrrs’ Association President Dhiren Deka. .. Bishmita Das, a school student taught by Birke BThapa, captivated the audience with her solo performance. Famous artist and poet Ragen Hound quoted two self-made poems. Writer Tapa expressed his deep gratitude to all the attendees.

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